Girl Meets World: I Have Forgotten Disney Channel

What the hell is Disney Channel? I’m an adult for too long I think.

As you guess, Disney Channel belongs to The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS)… crap! But other than showing those classic Disney cartoons with prince and princess, the channel ever produced a few great TV sensations, you know, like the highly-acclaimed High School Musical. Yup, it seems young Zac Efron has grown up to a ‘bad’ Neighbors this year. LOL.

Zac Efron - High School Musicial

Also remember, there even was a long-hair teenager girl called Miley Cyrus, popular on channel’s series Hannah Montana for years. Oh, no, definitely not the ‘family friendly’ wrecking ball you’ve seen. *cheeky grin*

Miley Cyrus - Hannah Montana

Nevertheless, forget glories above.

I just like to talk about channel’s 2014 new show Girl Meets World. Have to say, the innocent-looking main character ‘Riley Matthews’ is kinda cute in the teenager sitcom. For the plot, I could imagine it would be more or less about ‘growing pains’. I never watch Boy Meets World before. Why am I interested in this now? I’m not a paedophile. Relax… It’s ok for an adult to watch Disney Channel for awhile, isn’t it? Well, it only reminds me that innocence may has been long gone in life, but curiosity remains somewhere in me. Let’s see.

Girl Meets World - Disney Channel

Premiere of Disney Channel’s ‘Girl Meets World’ scores solid ratings – Los Angeles Times

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