Dare to Change? Forget the Happiness

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My friend Aaron and James each have a million dollars today. Although yesterday, Aaron had 100 million and James had 100 thousand only. Well, for today, will they be equally happy with the fortune? Nope. Aaron probably will feel so sad as he lost 99% of his fortune in a day. Same fortune doesn’t equal same happiness.

James invested 100 thousand dollars in a steel company. Last year he considered to put all money in an IT company instead, but in the end he decided against it. Now he learns he would earn 50% more if he switched then.

Aaron owned 100 thousand dollars shares in an IT company. Last year he switched to investing in a steel company. Now he learns it would be 50% better off if he have kept then.

Who will regret more for their investment?

Apparently Aaron will. Because he made a move while James did nothing. People are more likely to regret something-done other than something-not-done.

But, as you know, Aaron had a fortune of 100 million dollars. This investment was just a scratch on his skin, which probably would make him find it interesting.

True story or not, it doesn’t matter. It’s the change that makes difference. No change, not a chance. Happiness has a cost.

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