Chromebook: A Perfect Concubine

Chromebook - Acer C7

I abandoned my puppy love Internet Explorer a few years ago, nevertheless, its corpse still lies on my Windows all the time. (Horrifying scene, isn’t it?) And thank goodness, occasionally it helps me deal with those old-school IE-friendly-only websites. Firefox is usually overweighted, for its heavy browser cache. Only stylish Chrome, always with professional demeanour, from my beloved Google, can be greatly handy since day 1.

Unlike the stepson Android, Chrome family seems favourable to both most Googlers and geeks. Here comes Chromium, Chrome OS and Chromebook. Recently my 5-year partner TOSHIBA notebook became handicapped because of ageing. So I looked for fresh blood based on my work/life requirements. Chromebook was so sexy at the moment. I even felt a little guilty when I brought my pretty Acer C7 Chromebook back home days ago.

Just A Browser, More Than A System

If 10 years ago, this idea might not be practical at all. However, with the rise of HTML5 and the boom of Web applications in past few years, the future is here now.

Without too much redundant detail as an operating system, Chrome OS in Chromebook works perfectly, only if you have a decent broadband Internet connection, optical fibre preferred ;-) (You know, a concubine is always expensive to maintain…)

Chromebook and Skype

The first difficulty I encounter with Chromebook is using Skype. Soon I realise Skype is to blame for this inconvenience. I heard that Skype for is on the way, but installing a plugin for Internet Explorer… oh, Grandpa Microsoft, when could you join the youth competition?

Chromebook and VPN

Most existing L2TP/IPSec VPN server configurations have compatibility issues with Chromebook. OpenVPN and SSL VPN are not supported in most cases. For VPN service providers, the only working ones I tested are HMA! Pro VPN, VPN In Touch.

Well, iPad is so chic for most consumers, and that’s why I find it a bit cheap, not in price. It’s great for pleasure, but I don’t think it could be as sincere as Chromebook for me. How do you feel about a promising concubine like this? LOL.

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