eBook Fantasia: If iPad Got PressDisplay, Zinio and Wacom

PressDisplay on iPad

After years, I still can’t bear reading eBooks on any screens, particularly for fictions and humanities. Yeh, Apple iPad looks sexy and smart, but it doesn’t mean much better than Amazon Kindle as eBook reader. Nevertheless, I don’t refuse eNewspapers and eMagazines, which are adaptable to read in digital. Definitely what I meant is not for news portals or ezines, and PressDisplay by NewspaperDirect and Zinio are my examples.

The replica of newspapers and magazines in original format are easier to be read than combined texts with images extracted from them. Cheerfully PressDisplay and Zinio keep the pace and get mobile versions ready for everyone. The sad thing is, not everyone is in this game. Some of my favorites such as The New York Times or The New Yorker haven’t got their digital editions into mobile world. The New Yorker one is based on AJAX so it’s not that difficult to be viewed on iPad if not overheat, while NYTIMES one is in Flash format – the most arguable incapability on Apple’s iOS yet.

Another fancy out of my mind for iPad is Wacom interactive pen solution. If so, I can draw or annotate any content I want as in real paper. Fingers are not accurate enough for some artworks as you know. Wacom’s original EMR (Electo-Magnetic Resonance) Technology is excellent, but expensive…

Well, there is still no good enough reason for me to buy an iPad as eBook reader. However, maybe I’m gonna get one when in sale or just for other entertainment soon.

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