From Yankee to Chinaman

Mark Zuckerberg - Beijing Tiananmen Square - Facebook

We know, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg was trying to please the world’s largest market, where unfortunately the government blocked his most valuable property for years. Once, he even claimed he’s Chinese during a trip to Mainland China. By marrying an American lady of Chinese descent, he really thinks he’s a little more Chinese than ever, although he probably cannot tell the difference between China Proper and Greater China. Actually it doesn’t matter. No Chinese will take his phony statement serious at all, because it’s universally acknowledged that it’s almost impossible to turn a Caucasian into a real Chinese.

With narrow definition of Chinese as People’s Republic of China citizen, it won’t be difficult to acquire such identity for rich man like Mr. Zuckerberg, by simply throwing greenbacks in some poor Chinese faces. Next, he could hire some senior professors from Peking University to coach him to master spoken & written Chinese in 30 days. Last, he should learn to conform to the government’s will, by never visiting any blacklisted websites such as Facebook.

No. No. Nope. This is just Chinese stereotyping bullshit. Sadly Mr. Zuckerburg has almost zero chance to be recognised as Chinese in lifetime. However, his daughter, Max, could be considered as Chinese, no matter she cares or not.

Mark Zuckerberg - Daughter

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