That Chinese Complex Undertaking

It’s always kinda complex for a paranoid, as I learn’d too much western knowledge, yet still was fond of any Chinese traditions; however, I’m so proud of being one. As the world can see, the great nation is eternal, upon the strong spirits when a disaster comes; in addition, I would innermostly pray for all involved in the earthquake catastrophe.

Being like a hybrid of cross-culture earthquake, the emotion of mine becomes drifted inevitably, even generating illusional nightmare. That yesterday once again, I have to break thru the painful circuit all senses within a simple &stupid dream, but in only a few minutes. I believe most complex theories in psychology and ethics, like Oedipus or Electra, but this complex will be different. The truth is, the evil in the heart reflects that deepest/hidden desire of unknown conscience. Chinese to the west, fortune to the ideal, those on a collision course might corrode any stainless soul. I believe that most thinkers in that post-Qing-Dynasty age would grin and bear the complex in chaos, like me. I doubt about the existence of that remedy, although the complex ought to …

[To Be Continued.]

Oedipus or Electra

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