Rejoice of a Sorry

      Okay, I’m a pervert, and usually confuse my feeling with my complex. An 8-years-ago story about me was, one day my weird action scared off a silly girl in high school, then the guilty-feeling me wrote a gentleman-like "I’m Sorry" note using my warm blood. Such a stupid apology just made me feel strange. WTF! Why did I do that gag that day? The another story is, accidentally I get another feeling on that girl after my damn’d 8 years.

     I’m confused about this grown-up girl on my old bloody sorry note. Pretty, smart, and pure as crystal. I really feel what a bad man I am now and then. Look at me. Messed hair, narcissistic, and sick as monster. I shouldn’t pollute a white paper…. narcissism again! More important, my Avoidant Personality Disorder (AvPD) always ruin myself. So what’bout that unknown never-so-good feeling of mine? I even dream’d a 2nd-day flying to a city for a dinner with her.

     To keep a good feeling or something else, the best approach is freezing it. Not a bad idea, and just go blessing whatever destiny comes or not.

Chengtu, Szechwan | June 28, 2009


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