Days of Being Weird

Manhattan Island

i never made such an enriched scum schedule for myself like to-day. But then it happened another day. And another another day.

Honoring the great Benjamin Franklin, not yet portrait on the notes, but the Daylight Saving Time, from April to October every year, which invokes one hour saving as so, actually that’s the most fatanstic and incredible idea i ever heard. But to-day i am satisfied with my current time like that eventally, exactly ET(DST).

Definitely i loved and enjoyed Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco times coz ye knew, what called California Dreamz. These days some instinct tells me that eternal temptation is American Dreamz, so from what i’d neighbor upon the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan, New York City. Oh, in my hand.

Usually reading The New York Times or Wall Street Journal, catching Bloomberg or CNBC, sucking coffee or black tea, i steer the words printed in my tee, which says, “BORN AMERICAN”. Is it?

Los Angeles

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