lol – China on Front-Page

After celebrating Mothers’ yesterday, i precisely discovered a headline about China right left to the Mother’s Day picture on the front-page of today’s The New York Times.

Yes. It’s clear about China, about China’s scandal.

“In a Computer Scientist’s Fall, China Feels Robbed of Glory.”

It reported, “Not very long ago, China saw itself as a nation on the verge of a technological breakthrough.

But today, China appears shocked and shamed by a scandal that has already begun to tarnish that vision. It involves a top computer scientist, Chen Jin, who became a national hero in 2003 when he said he had created one of China’s first digital signal processing computer chips, sophisticated microchips that can process digitized data for mobile phones, cameras and other electronic devices. His milestone seemed to hold the promise of helping close the enormous gaps with the West i science and technology.

On Friday, however, the govemment said it was all a fraud.

Ridiculously, somhow i recall the days of the Great Cultural Revolution in China.

And today is the 40th anniversary.


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  1. Hi ich bin Chriswab aus Bottrop !! Viele Grüsse !!

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