Hong Kong Handover

During the 1997 Hong Kong handover time, The Prince of Wales visited the territory, and wrote a 3,000-word journal called “the Handover of Hong Kong” or “the Great Chinese Takeaway”. In the journal he described the handover ceremony as an “awful Soviet-style” performance and “ridiculous rigmarole”. Reported unlawfully the Mail on Sunday in November 2005.

Charles wrote: “After my speech, the President detached himself from the group of appalling old waxworks who accompanied him and took his place at the lectern.” “He then gave a kind of “propaganda” speech which was loudly cheered by the bussed-in party faithful at the suitable moment in the text.”

Once Charles did not attend a state banquet thrown for Chinese President Jiang Zemin, but a party with Camilla, later Duchess of Cornwall, and friends instead, “as a deliberate snub”.

“He carried it out in a very considered, thoughtful and researched way. He often referred to himself as a ‘dissident’ working against the prevailing political consensus.” said a former aide of the Prince.

He added: “He did not approve of the Chinese regime, and is a great supporter of the Dalai Lama, whom he views as being oppressed by the Chinese.”

On the great 80th birthday celebritions of his queen mother, i ain’t inclined to comment more. It might just be sort of one’s private.

Oh, poor little prince today.

Elizabeth II

2 Responses to “DISSIDENT PRINCE against AWFUL CHINA”

  1. mahiraga says:

    if you were a prince and your mother has a long long life, you will know how painful he is. you know, he has been a prince for many years, but he could not be a king and he must follow his mother.
    so poor~~~

    • prejudice says:

      It is said that she has no thought to abdicate (resign), because she says she wants to reign as long as she can, but lately, she has travelled less and has given some of her jobs to her son Charles.

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