All In An Evil Minute

Eden Fall

The dream, which would not end for another a few hours – probably – began to be clear in my mind, so far as I can tell it’s a dream while I’m in the dream, with a happy friends gathering scene in a house.

Friends and I entered the house and waved to my maternal grandparents, who were watching some unknown television shows when we passed by the sofa in living room. They smiled and nodded.

In bedroom we talked loudly sometimes with the door open. I actually enjoyed the talk with old friends like what we really did when we were young, despite no words in conversation could be recalled by me. Why we still look so young at the moment? Who cares, it was my dream and I had a good time. Until, a friend Bill, or Jack, started to look at watch, and I realised we might need to leave for dinner or something.

It wasn’t that simple because I suddenly remembered that both of my maternal grandparents passed away years ago in real life. I couldn’t imagine how their faces would be if going out of bedroom and passing by the sofa again. I became a little nervous and had no idea whether I should tell my fellow friends.

A feeling of terror was growing. I thought I was going to lose my mind and start cruel killing of anyone, or myself – I could feel the tense so real although I was clear it was in dream. Then I calmed down for a second and did something different subsequently.

I turned all my friends into some tiny gemstones in my palm, then jumped out of the window of bedroom. Because in this way I didn’t have to pass by the sofa in living room and face my maternal grandparents. How high was outside the window? I didn’t care…

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