Thou Art Not Alone. Period.

Snoopy - Words cannot tell how much I love you
How not to be selfish while independent? It really bothers me a lot.

It isn’t that hard to find what you like, say love, which seems universal in all cultures. Simply, when one experiences love, more dopamine is released in brain. Oh, that’s the happiness you feel.

My friend A always advises bachelors, marry someone loving you much more than you love her. Great! Practically good advice from his 10-year happy marriage journey, I guess. But isn’t it a little selfish? Okay, let’s see opposite, how about only getting married to one who you love most? Not that selfish? Then, I have to admit that I don’t understand love at all.

Perhaps I’m too short-sighted at this ever-controversial topic. I might not see if Friend A and his wife’s love is still the same as 10 years ago. Probably not, thus, their happiness comes from what they have together over the time, beyond the love. I believe, love is like a flower, which blossoms and withers, then… another spring? No! This is not (500) Days of Summer, though you know, there are tropical worlds, where summer lasts for ever.

Zoey & JGL - (500) Days of Summer

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